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 Printed Sofa Fabric
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 Burnout Sofa Fabric
 Velboa Sofa Fabric


Located in Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, the hinterland of Yangtze River Delta, Zhejiang Charming Holding Co.,Ltd. has convenient transportation and it takes about 10 minutes’ drive from Tongxiang Station of Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway to our company. At present it holds three subsidiaries: Zhejiang Charming Dyeing and Finishing Co.,Ltd., Zhejiang Charming Textile Knitting Co.,Ltd. and Tongxiang Charming Science-tech Co.,Ltd., fully combining the knittingdyeing,mercerizing,printing, finishing and scientific research of high quality fabrics into one group company and become one of the most influenced leading textile enterprise in the Yangtze Delta Area.
The company covers a land of 120,000 sqm and construction area 100,000 sqm and has more than 1000 workers, with annual output of knitted fabric 1500 Ton and fabric printing 22 million meter. The company has strong technical forces, abundant resources and particular...[More...]
ZheJiang Charming Dyeing & Finishing Co.,Ltd. CopyRight (C)2014
Address: Phone:+86-573-88365666 Fax: E-mail:charming@zjcharming.cn